I received my first camera when I was only 13. It was a small squared black box that worked with films. Soon that camera became the best way to express my creativity.

I’m always been fascinated by photography. I thought that it was going to remain only a passion but things changed the day I’ve been selected to participate to a TV program, Donnavventura. Donnavventura, is a documentary about travels, people and coltures. After the first two years of expedition in South America, North America and Canada I worked as director of the video editing part for the postproduction during the expedition.

After the third year of expedition and four months spent travelling through Indian Ocean, United Arab Emirates and Oman, the joy of travelling became part of my being, together with the camera. In between a dune and an ocean wave I found out wich was the right path to follow.

After having obtained the Law degree I flew to San Diego in order to improve my photography skills. On the California coast I worked as assistant with a professional photographer, Janis Foley, who is specialized in weddings, engagements and portraits.

I learned a lot from Janis, who is extremely talented in capturing emotions and extraordinary good in making people smile and feel comfortable in front of the camera. Once back in Italy I worked as assistant of Nadia Baldo, a photographer from Trento, leader of the Still Life photography and teacher of the post production and editing part.

My life has always been full of action, full of sport and for sure full of emotions. I love to freeze those moments, especially during sport competitions. Sports and pictures keep me alive!

And now it’s my time to show “my world”. Through my lens


I do not only shoot sport events, I also love couples, brides and weddings! This a reward that made me very happy and that i’m very proud to show you. The goal is always to make my couples happy and satisfied but also to show people the love and the romance that are the natural frame of a wedding day!